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Submitted on
April 17, 2009
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Pygmy Seahorse on Soft Coral by LazyDugong Pygmy Seahorse on Soft Coral by LazyDugong
Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus waleananus

This recently named species, has been found only in the Togian Island, East Sulawesi - Indonesia.

Average size, including the long tail: 18 mm.

Camera: Canon Eos 500
Lens: 100 mm macro
Strobe: Inon Z22
Film: Fuji Velvia 50 ASA


The works contained in my gallery are copyright protected © All rights reserved. My works may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my personal written permission. :star:
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I like this one because it gives you a good idea of how tiny it is!
Yes, I like this one too. I don't know why The National Geographic chose the other one, but I don't complain! :)
Yes, no kidding! Just to pick any of your work, period, is the supreme compliment! :fish:
:aww: hey, there cutie :) are you looking :boing: or waiting for your Mamma?
I think she's the Mamma! It's an adult, probably a female. The size of the body, without the tail, was only 6 mm.

This species was named only few month ago.
:lol: my mistake again =p ... by now you can tell --- I'm ignorant of marine life... but I'm thankful I stumbled upon your work and field of expertise :nod:.. going back to our dainty and cute friend... isn't she the cutest and pretty pygmy sea horse you ever did see?... just waiting there --- perched on a branch of a tree :ahem: branch of a coral... so lady-like and elegant... :)
Hard to answer here... I love all the seahorses, pygmy or not. But this one, the Hippocampus waleananus has a special meaning for me. I was one of the first to make a gallery for this species, long before it was named. My photos have been used by scientists, in a book and by the National Geographic.

And it's cute! One of the many hidden secrets of the sea! :nod:
:nod: I agree - when I was little I love them too together with unicorns and pixie dust (don't ask - lol)

going off topic for a while... bound to happen when one is talking with girls... LoL :lol: )

I wonder if some one ever thought or ever tried to take pictures of microorganisms... like bacteria... --- but in an artistic manner... of course they need to be very careful when they handle them underneath a microscope... and if it's much of a hassle or will be hazardous -- then of course one should NEVER try it at all...

'k that out of the way... let's go back on topic... where were we? :hmm:


You are asking for "critiques" for a few of your pieces ... -- good sir, -- you make me laugh... - that is quite unfair (for me personally anyway... why? you might ask) - well, I find your cute friends --- ADORABLE --- all of them... I won't be able to give an objective critique... I love them all! I will adopt them all!

See you around DA! and Take care ... Stay safe when you are down under.... way, way, way down under... and when you see them our adorable friends... send them my warm greetings and love... :nod: :blowkiss:
Going off topic is always good...

I don't think someone already tried to do artistic photos of bacteria. Have to check with Google: maybe I'm wrong, with different light source you can have different results. Who knows? :)

I'll send your greetings to the next pygmy seahorse I'll find!
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